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Start here to link up to resources that will make your cruise planning and cruise vacations smooth sailing. If you're looking for the latest news and bargains in the cruise industry, take the link to the "Cruise News and Views" page. For an in-depth look at a new or unusual ship, or an opinion on cruise-line policy, jump to the "Cruise Reviews" page. All links also offer connections to the home pages of all major cruise lines. Happy surfing!




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Silversea's Silver Cloud, one of the luxury ships offering "Grand Voyages"

Silverseas Cruises is offering a variety of "Grand Voyages" for 2013, ranging from 34 to 54 days. For more information on the Grand Voyages and other items of interest, click on the Cruise News and Views link below:

Cruise News and Views

If you're a solo cruiser who constantly is missing the boat because of high single supplements, read what the cruise lines should be doing to make it easier for you to set sail. Just click on the Cruise Reviews link below:

Cruise Reviews

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